Can We Manifest Justice?

I’m very aware that manifestation seems inherently selfish. Like duh! We’re out here manifesting money, bags, love, homes… cars… everything. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with manifesting material possessions. BUT, as conscious manifesting bitches, it is our duty to use what we have to make the world a better place.

I’m not going to ignore what’s going on the world. Some manifestation coaches may tell you to be positive and stay happy… basically ignoring the fact that racism and white supremacy are running rampant.

No! Not me. Not this bitch. As manifesting bitches, we need to think about not just manifesting for the self, but for the collective. In fact, if we use our manifestation powers to help other people, it only magnetizes our powers to manifest more.

I challenge you – yes you – for every material, selfish thing you manifest, think of one collective manifestation toward justice.

We’re already seeing a shift in consciousness among the collective. We have to stay resilient.

Do I think we can manifest justice? I sure do. But I think it takes a TON of inspired action to get there. We have a long ways to go to fight racism in our world, but the more people come together, the easier it will be to manifest a world of peace. When tragedy strikes and another POC or LGBTQ identifying human is harassed or murdered, we need to play a part in this justice collective.

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I'm Mary. I have two cats. I do tarot and things. My mom thinks I'm funny.

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