Quarantine Manifesting

Look, this pandemic is going hard. Like super hard, y’all. I’m not going to ignore the fact that it’s tragic. People are getting sick, dying, and the unemployment rate is outta control. Even so, as a manifesting bitch, you’ll get through it. AND, you’ll get through while manifesting. Here are my tips to manifest during the time of quarantine.

  1. Be grateful for the small things. Whatever you have, celebrate it! Friends you can call, a nice roommate, a pet, a Netflix account… anything. Recognize.
  2. Use this time to create. The more energy you spend on something, the more you tell The Universe that you want more of it. So… create! Create art, music, a screenplay, a poem… even a spreadsheet if that floats your boat. I know it can be difficult, but with all this time, you can push through. Do what makes you happy. If you’re not happy, change it.
  3. Get outside, damnit! I’m serious. I’m not saying go to a bar or a gathering… I’m just talking about getting some damn fresh air. Listen to a podcast while you just walk around the block.
  4. Dress and act the part. In my book, I talk about faking it til you make it. Same applies during quarantine. Live your ideal life. Shower, dress up, get out your fancy shoes just to feel it. Pretend you’re a kid playing dress up or living out your dream scenario. It sounds silly, but believe me… it will boost your mood.
  5. DANCE! I’ve been playing around with this method of manifestation where I dance my desire into existence, and I’ve. Been. Loving. It. Put on your favorite jam, think about what you want to bring into your life, and dance. It’s an instant manifesting magnet!

Published by TheFunnyScorpio

I'm Mary. I have two cats. I do tarot and things. My mom thinks I'm funny.

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