How I Manifested My Book Deal

Listen… writing a book was no joke. I’d write a bit then throw it all out… write a bit more… then throw that all out. But once I meditated a bit more, asked for guidance, it was like the pen moved on its own. And that was just the writing part of it.

Before actually writing the book, I manifested the book deal. And to do that, I imagined myself sitting at home, smiling, enjoying the writing process. I imagined myself helping other people like me. I knew that I didn’t have a particularly high following on socials. I wasn’t some famous manifestation guru. I was no Tony Robbins (But let’s be real, Tony Robbins is a little problematic, and I do NOT endorse him AT ALL). All I could do was put my heart and soul into the desire. I wasn’t attached to the outcome. I knew The Universe had my back, and I trusted that. So, as soon as I had the idea to write a book, I created a book proposal. That was all I could do at the time to initiate the desire. That was my inspired action.

Then something magical happened. The book deal opportunity popped up a couple years ago, when I had the opportunity to send my book proposal. I knew this was it. Someone I knew was looking to publish personal development books about spirituality. I felt the sensation in my gut and heart. So, as soon as I could, I sent in the book proposal. Within a day I heard back. But everything really did align. Things happened at the right time, and I knew that it wasn’t just my book proposal work. I received the desire. And I received it with gratitude.

All in all, manifestation works. Sometimes life lets you down. We flow in highs and lows, and you just have to understand that. BUT, if you really do trust that what you want will come to fruition, just know that it will. Accept it. Be grateful for it. And keep on dreamin’ big, bitch! You got this!

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I'm Mary. I have two cats. I do tarot and things. My mom thinks I'm funny.

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