Predetermined Future? I Think Not!

In addition to manifestation coaching and writing, I’m also a tarot card reader. I’m not that great at it… YET! But, I love practicing tarot. My advice? If you’re pulling cards for yourself, never ask a yes or no question. Instead, ask how or what or ask for general guidance. This is because I truly believe that the future isn’t determined. There are multiple possibilities, and it’s all a result of your thoughts and actions.

I’ll break this down. First off, yes there are favorable circumstances. This means someone may be more likely to have a specific future. For example, maybe your favorable circumstance is that you’ll end up having a career in science. Chances are if this is favorable, you’ll be happy along your journey, and you’ll feel fulfilled throughout. Things will come naturally. That doesn’t mean things won’t be hard. Of course it takes work, rejection, and persistence, but there’s a good chance that you’ll achieve your science career more easily than other things.

If you do pull a tarot card, and it seems less than favorable (such as the Tower card or Hanged Man), I do not see this as a negative thing. And I definitely don’t think it means you shouldn’t go for something. If anything, this should be a sign that you need to pull the focus, and work on raising your vibration to make this desire more likely. You can manifest whatever you want. You just need to be a vibrational match to that thing… that dream… that goal.

Same goes for astrology… You may have a chart that says you’re not destined to find love. While I do love astrology and see it as a guide, to me… when I see a chart that looks unfavorable for love, that means you do need to work on love. It doesn’t mean you’ll never find your soulmate. It’s just going to take some spiritual work on your end.

In conclusion, I do not believe the future is predetermined by your astrological chart, fate, tarot… any of that. Those things might guide you to what’s more favorable and easily achievable, BUT you can still manifest what you want. The possibilities are endless. You need to redirect those thoughts and actions.

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I'm Mary. I have two cats. I do tarot and things. My mom thinks I'm funny.

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