I Love WitchTok & I Don’t Care Who Knows It

I, like other millennials, vowed to never get a TikTok. I was like, this will never take off. It’s silly. It’s basically Vine. It’s stupid dance routines in a few seconds. But guess what… this bitch got a TikTok, and I actually love it!

Who knows if it’ll get banned by Trump. I hope not. Or if so, I am hopeful that Microsoft will buy it.

But I truly believe that TikTok is a energetically beautiful community. And I feel its energy is way better than FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. Seriously.

And if you go down the very addicting rabbit hole of TikTok, you’ll find the best part – WitchTok. WitchTok is a community on TikTok full of advice and support for witches. Beginners, advanced… green… Wiccan… All witches are welcome.

This post isn’t long. I know that. But I just wanted to bring awareness to this app that I find energetically aligned to the collective. It really does give voice to the community in a way that other social media outlets do not.

So bitch… don’t knock TikTok until you try it.

Published by TheFunnyScorpio

I'm Mary. I have two cats. I do tarot and things. My mom thinks I'm funny.

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