Manifesting Your Dream Home!

Greetings! I wanted to share some exciting news! Redfin asked my advice on how to manifest a dream home! Check out the whole blog post here. It was an honor to work with a website I visit regularly to look up my own dream home! 🙂

But I wanted to emphasize some of the advice I shared with Redfin because manifesting your dream home doesn’t have to be complicated. And it’s quite fun!

Be as specific as possible — know exactly how many bedrooms, bathrooms, patios you want. What’s the kitchen look like? Is it open floor plan? Does the front door open up to a beautiful foyer or living room? The more specific, the better.

Journaling is a great way to implement the specifics. Instead of writing ”I want a nice home,” write something like ”I want a 3 bedroom, 2 story house, with an open floor plan, stainless steel appliances…” ect.

Honor your current space. You are what you attract and you attract what you are. If you’re looking to manifest your dream home, you GOTTA make your current place as ideal as possible.

Do a deep clean, reorganize, and make your home a dream home first! Not only will this help you manifest your dream home, but it’ll improve your overall mood because having a nice home is essential for your mental and spiritual health.

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