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Hey bitches! If you’re ready to uplevel your life and start manifesting your dreams, use the below tools. All free. All for you. I try to include new tools each month!


The below journal prompts will help you solidify your intentions and set the mood for the rest of the day! Start your morning in bed with a pen, journal, and a cup of coffee or tea!

Journal Prompt #1

What is your intention for the day on a micro scale? And how will this intention help you achieve your dream life?

Pretty self-explanatory. Think about the day ahead. What’s your intention on a small-scale level? It could be to eat healthy. Maybe you intend to compliment at least five strangers today. No rules. Just go for it and start journaling. After declaring your intention, start writing about how this will help you manifest your dream life. Don’t judge your writing. Just let that pen freely go.

Journal Prompt #2

In your dream life, what does your ideal day look like?

Again, this isn’t about judging your writing skills. This is to really lay out exactly how you want your life to be. In your dream life, what time do you wake up? What kind of coffee or tea do you sip? Where are you? Who are you with? Do you go to an office? Are you at home? Are you on an island? Be as specific as possible and HAVE FUN!

Journal Prompt #3

What are you NOT looking forward to today?

I know, I know…. you’re probably like, “WTF, Mary? Aren’t I supposed to be positive?” Well, I have a reason. List out the things you’re not looking forward to today. Maybe that’s having a difficult conversation with a friend, or doing laundry… maybe it’s something as simple as running errands. Not everyone loves to run errands, right? After listing, write out WHY you must do these things with a positive spin. If you’re not looking forward to doing laundry, think about how wonderful those clean clothes will smell and feel. If you’re not looking forward to having a difficult conversation, write about how better you’ll feel once it’s out of the way.


Short gratitude meditation for effortless manifesting!

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